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Cleaning and Romance?

February, the most romantic month of the year has arrived and if you’re like most people, you’re trying hard to think up the most perfect gift for your valentine. Luckily, our team sat down and came up with some thoughtful unique gift ideas to share with you. We know you won't mind that each idea leads to the gift of a cleaner, fresher, more beautiful home.

Whether taking over for your partner’s usual chores or tackling a long-neglected project, there are plenty of ways that you can turn house cleaning into the perfect romantic gesture. Below, our house cleaning professionals have listed a few suggestions for home cleaning projects that double as excellent Valentine’s Day gifts.

RECLAIM YOUR KITCHEN Over time, spills, smears, and stains will build up on your counters and floors. Meanwhile, your cupboards and shelves can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. Unless you follow a rigorous cleaning schedule (or rely on the help a professional house cleaning company like us), it can sometimes feel like you’re losing the race against dirt and clutter in your kitchen. So just think of how pleased your partner will be to discover a freshly cleaned and de-cluttered kitchen, with gleaming floors, spotless counters, and carefully organized cupboards. Now that's romantic!

SPRUCE UP YOUR BATHROOM Nobody likes cleaning bathrooms. So, if your partner is usually stuck cleaning your home’s bathrooms, give them the chance to kick up their feet this February. By taking care of the mopping, scrubbing, and disinfecting yourself, you’ll earn serious brownie points with your significant other. Just add bon bons and this one will take the cake!

DIG DEEP & DE-CLUTTER You can go above and beyond this Valentine’s Day, even if you leave gift-buying to the last minute. Following through on a major de-cluttering project will be a huge weight off your partner’s shoulders — and yours. Whether you’re tackling clutter in your attic, basement, or garage, the cleanliness and re-discovered space will last longer — and might just mean more — than roses or chocolates. 

CALL IN THE EXPERTS Maybe you don’t have the time to do a deep clean all on your own this Valentine’s Day. If so, consider calling in the professionals. With regularly scheduled cleanings from our house cleaning professionals, you can give the gift of a clean home to your valentine. In just a few hours, we can give each room in your home the spotless results that our cleaners are famous for, leaving your house spotless and sparkling for your valentine to come home to.

Give the gift of a clean home this Valentine’s Day Call us at (248) 961-2063 today to contact office team, or purchase gift cards online at www.rochestermicleaning.com.


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