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Our New Years' Resolution

If you're anything like us at all, you've been thinking about your new year's resolution... We have.  Our whole team is talking about improving their health in 2020. 

That's a pretty broad goal, improving your health. It could mean something different to every person who reads this. Since we're a cleaning company, we thought we'd give you a few reasons to include house cleaning in your New Year's Resolution of improving your health in 2020. 

Experts agree, keeping a clean home does wonders mental and physical health in the following ways:

A clean home is less likely to contain mold and other allergens. It’s less likely to be contaminated with other germs and health concerns that you and your family bring in from the world outside your home thus reducing your encounters with ugly cold and flu bugs. A clean and tidy home reduces your stress and anxiety and improves your mental health.  A messy home leads to time wasted looking for things, and a busy mind (visually speaking) when you sit down to relax. When your home is clean and tidy you're more able to move with purpose and allow your mind to rest when you finally make time to relax... leading to better mental health. 

Finally, wouldn't you know it, hiring a house cleaning company to do your cleaning for you further improves your physical and mental health. We ensure that germs are cleaned out, your home is tidy, and we put time back into your schedule so you can focus on your other New Year's Resolutions.  Plus, there really is nothing quite like the feeling you have when you walk into your clean home after we have been there.  That feeling alone is worth the investment in your health!

If you're already on a regular cleaning schedule with us, then thank you for your business! If you're a client that invites us in once in a while, then maybe this year it's time to consider booking us for a regular cleaning schedule and invest in your health in 2020.


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